Q. What is max supply, and what is the circulating supply?

A. Max supply is 1 quintillion. Circulating supply is 95%.

Q. How to import Wolverinu to X (e.g.metamask) from Y (e.g. bitmart)?

A. Withdrawing Wolverinu from platform to platform requires the deposit address to the platform you are sending your Wolverinu tokens to. We suggest you do your own research on the amount of tokens lost between transfers and exchanges. 

Q. Which Wallets and Exchanges give reflections?

A. Bitmart, Lbank, Uniswap, all wallets give reflections.

Q. What is staking and how to stake?

A. Staking is much like putting your money into a bank and receiving an Annual Percent Yield (APY) for your tokens. You will be able to stake your Wolverinu tokens at wolverinu.com soon on our Version 2 staking page.

Q. Are there costs involved in staking?

A. Yes. The first is a small fee for the approval of your token being staked. The second is the regular Ethereum Blockchain fee. These are also known as gas fees.

Q. How to send wolverinu from X (e.g. uniswap) to X (e.g. bitmart)?

A. Copy the ERC20 wallet address that you wish to send your Wolverinu tokens to and paste it into the receiving address field from where you are sending it from.

Q. What is Adamantium?

A. Adamantium is a token that is received by staking Wolverinu on the staking platform or by winning them through the Wolverinu P2E game, which is currently under development. Adamantium can only be traded for Wolverinu and it has a 1:1 worth ratio of: 

1 Adamantium = 1 Wolverinu and vice versa.

Q. What are burns?

A. The team executes burns manually, similar to Shinja. Research suggests it’s more effective than doing it via transactions. Since launching, Saitama has only been able to burn 6% of their supply through their tokenomics. Versus us, we've burnt 5% since our launch in Oct. 2021 making our burns are more aggressive. Our P2E gaming ecosystem will provide additional mechanisms to facilitate burns. 

Keep in mind that, in crypto, supply and demand are not linear. The value of a token does not increase just because of a burn. People don't invest in a project and demand doesn't increase just because a burn is announced. Burns were more aggressive when the previous average volume was $1 to 3m daily; but aggressive burns, especially those done before launch have zero impact. Also note that burns slow down when volume is down.